Cafe Artesanal

The origin of our coffee

Cafe artesanal is grown in the highlands of the Mexican state of Chiapas. The variety of the grain is arabica of height, between 800 and 1,200 MSNM, the roasting in Prepared European AAA; Is a balanced blend of light and dark grains. Our artisan presentation are eco-kits, made from recycled cardboard, handcrafted by indigenous families. The process starts from the collection of the recovered cardboard, to the final finish with an apparent leather texture, painted with coffee pigments to seal with dignity the fruit of their common and organized effort. They are unique pieces, by their manual elaboration none is identical to another.

The Café as the wines are tradition and culture that obtain of its region of origin, the magic of its exquisite aroma, body and acidity; Virtues that determine their quality and status. Cafe artesanal brings you the exuberance of the mountains of Chiapas, in the exquisite aroma and flavor of selected coffee beans cultivated by indigenous hands, in full harmony with nature.

Our products

Containers made by hand, leather finish, made from biodegradable materials such as paperboard, paper, water based glue, paints and vegetable fats, for different capacity.

We offer container personalization services for your events and conventions.

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Gourmet Handmade Diamond Coffee

240 gr = 30 Cups, Natural Grain Options, Ground or Amaretto, Mocha, Vanilla or Cinnamon Flavors

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$195 Mx

Cafe Craft Octagon

240 gr = 30 Cups, Natural Grain Options, Ground or Amaretto, Mocha, Vanilla or Cinnamon Flavors

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Coffee Cylinder Astesanal

240 gr = 30 Cups or 400 gr = 50 cups, in presentation Natural Grain

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Coffee Rectangle

240 gr = 30 Cups, Natural Grain Options

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$140 Mx

Manta Costal Coffee

Costal of 250 gr = 32 Cups. Packed in this bag ........

Proud of who we are and what we do

We are a cooperative of Mexican artisans dedicated to coffee growing, we make our own blend of coffee and present it in containers made by hand by ourselves.

We toasted our coffee beans in small quantities from Mexico, Central America, Sumatra and Ethiopia. Our personalized art presentations are unique, none are identical to each other, made from recycled cardboard subjected to a process of dehydration based on heat, glue with coffee paint and subsequently moisturized based on oils and vegetable fats to give nice texture of apparent skin .

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